New start on WordPress




After much debate I am switching my blog Movies You Play to WordPress.  This is a fresh start to this 4 year old blog which will know have more editorial content, interactivity and variety on the ever changing world of online digital video use and abuse.

I look forward to more comments and more debate on where this use of video online is all going and …if you know be sure to tell me!

I have been around video and online video my entire professional life.  My first entry into online video in the early 90s  came even before DVD authouring as a post production studio owner.    When we started to offer this service to our customers we got nothing but shock and disbelief at its viability even tho it was very clear to us that the internet was going to be great place for video.   Having seen a demo at NAB in the late 80s of a HDTV signal being sent over an internet cable from one computer ( 100 – 1 compression) to another I knew it was not only possible it was clearly inevitable.

So here we are today where anything is possible and where we go from here is anybodys guess!



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