Adobe makes a big move into ad measurement.

Software firm makes a big move into ad measurement.


Ann Lewnes looked out at a room full of analysts and saw a bunch of men wearing blank stares, scratching their heads.

It was mid-September and just hours after Adobe Systems ( ADBE news people ), where Lewnes serves as chief marketing officer, snapped up Web analytics company Omniture ( OMTR news people ) for $1.8 billion. No one quite understood what Adobe was up to, says Lewnes. The question in every mind: What is a graphic design software company going to do with Omniture?   What wasn’t clear to many then is obvious now. Adobe is in search of sales, and it is looking to Madison Avenue as a main source of revenue. It wants to become indispensable to the advertising industry. Adobe aims to be the company marketers seek out for their multimedia production and editing tools, including Flash, Acrobat and Photoshop. Now, too, it wants to sell information on how many eyes have glimpsed their ads. To do it, Adobe is inserting Omniture’s analytic capabilities into its design products. The next iteration of its flagship product, Creative Suite 5, due out Monday, April 12, will give ad execs the power to blend art and science–the dilemma they have struggled with for years.
How will it work? When a creative director whips up his vision for the next interactive Skittles ad, lets say, his team will use Creative Suite to do something designers haven’t been able to do before: create a single ad that can then be formatted for use across multiple screens–on computers, tablets and phones. And when creating those ads, designers can build in analytic code that lets marketers know which versions of ads pull in more views and which drive the most purchases. What was a clunky, labor-intensive process of first making the creative and then adding in analytic components is now streamlined.ork.


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