Tremor Unveils New Video Ad Formats

By Douglas Quenqua, ClickZ,

Tremor Media is making good on its promise to use its latest round of funding — $18 million from Meritech Capital Partners in February — to improve its video offerings, this week introducing six new formats for advertisers.
Each of the new products is designed to move advertisers away from pre-roll and toward greater engagement with consumers, either by letting the audience choose which ads they want to watch or by delivering a greater variety of ads.
The first of the new formats, vChoice Select, is an improvement on Tremor’s vChoice video unit unveiled in June, which gives viewers the option of what they want to watch after the initial ad plays. VChoice Select gives viewers the opportunity to choose which of a marketer’s ads they want to watch in the first place.
Two others — the vChoice Rotator and the Sequencer — focus on making sure the viewer doesn’t see the same ad twice. Much like the vChoice Select, the vChoice Rotator lets viewers choose which ads to watch, but also allows advertisers to dynamically insert new ads into the player, so consumers are always given fresh choices. The Sequencer doesn’t give viewers a choice which ad they see, but does ensure they see a different ad each time they watch the video.
Two other formats focus on driving greater user engagement through relevance: An option known as Data Feed uses information taken from the consumer (like a Zip Code or IP address) to populate the ad with relevant information (such as store locations or movie times). Another known as In-Stream Live lets the viewer watch a live streaming video within the ad unit.
The final offering, known as Pre-Roll Plus Overlay, is just that: After a pre-roll video, it presents an overlay ad that viewers can click on for more information.
Shane Steele, VP of marketing for Tremor, said the company continues to focus on using its signature Acudeo platform, which includes a Flash element inside the player, to introduce new and unique advertising formats to clients.
“The fact that we have a Flash-based component that lives inside our player gives us a greater ability to control and deliver the ad experience,” she said. “The ability to add interactivity, to incorporate data feeds, to incorporate sequencing — these are all things we can control because of Acudeo.”
Steele added that all the new formats have standard pre-roll pricing, though the Data Feed format includes a small fee to cover integration costs.
Tremor is based in New York and claims more than 1,000 publishers in its network and an audience of 168 million uniques.


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