Michael Eisner Sees Web’s Future in Storytelling

At Microsoft Advance ’08: Strong Content Also Needs Interactivity, Community<!–

bull rider


Published: May 20, 2008

SEATTLE (AdAge.com) — According to Michael Eisner, story-driven online content is the next big app. “YouTube is to the internet what a nickelodeon is to the movies. It’s the preliminary installment of what is to come,” he said So what is to come? “Great, creative storytelling.”

Michael Eisner
Michael Eisner

Photo Credit: Jeff Frank

He continued: “YouTube is filed with stories. … It’s the encyclopedia of everything moving.” And while some are wonderful, he said, the vast majority are skateboarding cats or high-school antics. What’s missing is creative storytelling that capitalizes on a unique aspect of the internet, such as interactivity or community. He said that’s because video search is unsatisfactory, and advertisers tend to be timid when it comes to risks.

I love this article from Michael Eisner regarding YouTube I totally agree with him that the idea of viewing short clips will morph to more advanced methods of story telling…


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