The Great Walt Mossberg Says it All

I love this clip and Walt is, in my mind, one of the greatest online thinkers out there today.

I think he hits the nail on the head regarding online video and why it has become so important.


ICE 08 Digital Content Conference Highlites

After attending the ICE 08 conference in Toronto last week I am still reeling from information overload (in a good way) and completely blown away at how people are starting to create online content and online video programs for online consumption.

There are far too many interesting items to put up in just one entry but Id like to start with a couple of interesting things…

As online video matures, there is bound to be a number of companies that find ways for us to enhance and really utilize video in much more interesting ways. One such company is the startup Take a look at their web site – they have some pretty amazing tools that simply blow me away. I will endeavour to write more later on these folks.

Online advertising

Check out this blog from ICE 08 on online advertising from a great panel discussion