Change is the only thing we can count on…

Having just spoken at the Canadian Digital Broadcast summit last week (a CSUA event) I was totally amazed just how many changes people in broadcasting are going through, in fact change seems to have become pretty much “the” topic of discussion at any TV or broadcast conference. Having been to a number of these events lately I have the distinct feeling that broadcasters are very much overwhelmed at the speed and complexity of the changes going on and probably with some very good reason.

Change has pretty much been the norm for us producers but now even the biggest of the media giants are forced to deal with massive changes in both broadcast technology and consumer interest. While one can buy new technology you cannot always buy consumer interest…. particularly as more viewers gravitate toward more internet time and less broadcast TV time.

Speaking of change some pretty amazing stats came from our panel discussion on change as my fellow panelist Kaan Yigit, President, Solutions Research Group, presented info on consumers never ending quest for ‘more’.

The figures that struck me the most are as follows:

1. Social Networking (eg Facebook) online increased in Canada from 24% in Sept 2006 to 53% in Aug 2007 (visited a social networking Site in past month stat)

2. That 58% of young adults say they “Live on the Internet” that’s 7% higher than teens and youth.

3. 53% of adults 50 + who are online watched YouTube videos and 27% of that 50+ group have a Facebook profile

4. The number of broadband users who watched full shows online weekly doubled in 2007 from 8% to 16% in 2007

Okay I’m amazed…


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